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Internet usage in Ecuador is still, in terms of world standards, in its development stage. Only about a total of 1 million people in the country are internet users. This is about 8% of the total population. The country has been active in raising awareness and Ecuador online usage since 2000 and it has since seen steady growth through the years. Of the countries in South America, Brazil, as expected, takes the first notch in internet market share percentage. Brazil is followed by Argentina and Colombia, respectively.

Unlike other countries, Ecuador is slow in catching up with online shopping and e-commerce. Although, innovative businesses have been slowly providing the purchase and availability of their goods for online purchase. The primary use of Ecuador online / internet in Ecuadorian households and businesses is still for email, news and information gathering. Some private and public companies such as those in utilities have also provided ways to make online payment a possibility.

There are about seventy (70) Internet Service Providers for Ecuador online connection and installation. Suratel is the largest of them and its provides its internet access through cable modem connection. The others taht follow are Andinatel, Allegro PCS (offers wireless service), Magadatos, PuntoNet, Telconet, Porta, Ecuanet, MaGlobe, Imbanet S.A.

The problem that has faced Ecuador online services is the cost of the connection one needs to pay the ISP. Prices that the ISP asks their consumers to pay are only slowly moving down. Today, the price is about $20-$35 per month for unlimited use, with an additional of $12 in value-added tax. (Note that the US dollar is used as Ecuador money). One will be hard-pressed to find a provider who will charge less than 20 dollars for a month's worth of unlimited internet usage.

In major urban cities, Ecuador online and internet access is fairly easy to acquire as the newly built housing and apartment buildings are now equipped with good wiring for high-speed internet and cable access. Some even have wireless access available for residents. There are also many local internet cafes which have gained popularity among the locals.

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