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La Castellana Hotel (Downtown Cuenca)

This hotel is located in downtown Cuenca and has Wi-Fi Wireless Internet, CATV, and even gives you breakfast at no extra cost.

They don't speak English at this hotel but its a lot better then a Motel 6 and its only a third of the cost.

If you mention EcuadorCentral.com then they will only charge you $17.00 per night, per person. They charge by the person not the room, therefore two people in one room is the same price as two people in two separate rooms.

There is a computer in the 2nd floor lobby that is connected to the Internet and can be used for $1.50 per hour. However if you bring your own computer, then they give you unlimited wireless Internet access.

Breakfast usually includes two scrambled eggs with toast, juice, and coffee.

They are available 24/7

La Castellana
1047 Luis Cordero y Gran Colombia
Cuenca, Ecuador
(593) 07 282-7293 (Call Anytime)
Outside of Building Main Lobby Cafeteria Where The Continental Breakfast is Served
One of The Two-bed Rooms All Rooms Have Remote-controled Cable TV Shared Computer With Internet Access (Wi-Fi Signal Allows You to Use Internet For Free on Your Own Computer)
A Typical Bathroom, Clean and Well-Stocked A Typical Bathroom, Clean and Well-Stocked One of The Single-bed Rooms
Map Of Ecuador Map of Cuenca With Hotel La Castellana Indicated Close-up Map of Cuenca With Hotel La Castellana Indicated


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