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Living in Esmeraldas Ecuador

The town of Esmeraldas may serve as a pass-through place for those wanting to spend time in the beaches of Atacames or Sua. Today, Esmeraldas is not really a place that tourists go to because of the bad reputation it has for theft and other petty crime, even the drug problem of some people living in Esmeraldas Ecuador. The current state of Esmeraldas is less of what it used to be when the Spanish colonizers first came to Ecuador. It is even said that the Spaniards first landed in Ecuador through the sandy bank of Esmeraldas and it has served as a very useful port since then.

Oil refinery and processing is currently the main industry of those living in Esmeraldas Ecuador as the contents of the trans-Ecuadorian pipeline is processed here. This does add a lot of toll to the environment with noise and other forms of pollution. Also, Esmeraldas information says that this is one of Ecuador's most dangerous among its major cities.

For the hardy and seasoned traveler, the city may just be a common sight from what one has seen in South America or other cities in the world. If properly connected with the right people living in Esmeraldas Ecuador, and one has the right negotiation skills, the tourist will find and may actually spend a memorable fun time in this city.

Esmeraldas information: to get to the city, one can choose to travel by air or land. Although there are no bus terminals, buses which pass by going to other places such as Sucre, Quito, Guayaquil or Machala are frequent. For air travel, one can check with the TAME office, which is just off the central plaza and flies to and from Quito on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday afternoons. The airfare costs 33 dollars and is a 30-minute flight.

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