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Ibarra is the capital of Imbabura province and it has a rising and growing commerce. Though little is known on how this will affect the cultural heritage of the city. It is not a big major draw when it comes to tourism as there are not many efforts from those living in Ibarra Ecuador to make it a tourist town.

However, one could still enjoy and see the colonial charm of the city, especially at night. You could walk down the cobblestone streets, which are well-lit, and see the beautiful balconies of people living in Ibarra Ecuador lined up and the lovely facades of the houses and buildings. Better to do this at night when everything is warm and serene compared to the daytime grit of a booming city.

When in Ibarra, you can also go to the palm-lined parks and have some ice cream, relaxing in the plazas. The most awaited time of the year is Ibarra's annual fiesta. The city is then filled with music and a lot of activities held by locals living in Ibarra Ecuador. Of course, drinking will definitely be one of these as the locals do enjoy their alcohol.

Ibarra has a new bus terminal, Terminal Terrestre, located at Avenido Teodoro Gomez de la Torre. A taxi going to and from downtown will only cost a dollar. From this city you can take a ten hour bus trip to Guayaquil, 8 hours to Esmeraldas, and 9 hours to Atacames. There are different companies servicing the city transportion such as Aerotaxi, Cita Express, Expresso Turismo, Transportes Andina, Transprted del Valle, Transportes Espejo, and more.

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