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Living in Loja Ecuador

Loja is is an isolated town wherein the nearest town is about five hours of travel to the north. This makes this place perfect for those who want to experience the quiet part of the country. It was founded in 1548. Considered as on the the oldest towns in the country, Loja has a nationally recognized university, a conservatory and even a law school. There are a lot of musicians living in Loja Ecuador and one can even say that all of its locals are musicians for when you go to Loja, you will definitely notice that everyone living in Loja Ecuador actually knows know to play an instrument.

You will experience a nice temperate climate in Loja thanks to its elevation. There are really nice parks where you could spend the day admiring the town and the natural wonders it has to offer. Loja information to note: these are not just simple parks, but award-winning ones!

It may stand as a provincial capital, but despite all of these recognitions as mentioned above, Loja is still a 'small town at heart.' Keeping its diverse and rooted culture, it is a great getaway place to breathe in and relax, enjoy a good dinner, and drink with the locals living in Loja Ecuador. A day or two will be a good start to experience the town.

If you are thinking about going to Vilcabamba or even to Peru, it is recommended to spend a rest day in Loja and may be even visit the great Parque Nacional Podocarpus.

The nearest airport to Loja is 30 kilometers to the west, located in Catamayo. This is the La Toma airport and the TAME flies to and from Quito Monday to Saturday for 49 dollars cost. Then for Tuesday to Thursday it takes passengers to Guayaquil for the cost of 36 dollars. There are also taxis courtesy of Aerotaxi and buses which will take you to your hotel or any accommodation you reserved in Loja.

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