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An old trading post, Macas traces its roots back to 1563 when there were local and overseas businessmen doing commerce. It is located at the tio of Shuar and Achuar territories. A good combination which ebbs and flows between colonial and indigenous is the type of culture you will find in the modern town. Macas serves as the provincial capital of Morona-Santiago. For travelers who want to experience a quiet and steady pace before going into the other cities and places across Ecuador with their adventure tours, Macas is the place to go and relax for a day or two and some even consider living in Macas Ecuador.

The capital town has a population of about 30,000 with the indigenous and meztizos peacefully living in Macas Ecuador. The virgin area here is something to be seen as it is well protected from capitalistic companies by the Shuar and Achuar tribes. You will also see the snow-capped Sangay volcano here. It is the 7th largest in the whole of Ecuador, sits at a height of 5250 meters and note that this is an active volcano.

To celebrate the 400 year anniversary of the Virgen de Macas, the Modern Cathedral was built in 1993 by the government and the people living in Macas Ecuador. The Virgen is said to be miraculous as there are legends saying the the painting has undergone 'mysterious changes.'

A good activity to enjoy is bird-watching. See the Rio Upano valley from the back of the cathedral and then you can walk downtown by foot, may be eat at a local restaurant serving local cuisine. Other activities to enjoy are jungle tours, white-water rafting, canoeing, and hiking the Sangay National Park. It would be helpful to look for local guides living in Macas Ecuador.

Macas information: reserve your tickets for the activities and adventures you wish to take. There are tour operators like Ikiaam, Winia Sunka, ROW, and Aventura Tsunki Touring. TAME flies to and from Quito on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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