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Living in Otavalo Ecuador

Assuredly one of the charming places in the country, this is a real estate pick to check for those who dream of living in Otavalo Ecuador. There are deluxe houses and properties that will match your idea of a retirement place. So many people think of Ecuador as their choice of vacation or retirement place for its elegant appeal, refreshing environment, and stimulating culture.

A largely indigenous town in the Imbabura province, the Otavalo Ecuador is in the valley surrounded by the ranges of Imbabura, Cotacachi and Mojanda volcanoes. This small mountain town is perhaps most renowned because of the famous market that has been established here. Array of Ecuadorian hand crafted goods, such as traditional clothing, pots and wood products are being bargained by tourists and local flocking in to this side of the country. This town is also composed principally of farming communities living in Otavalo Ecuador.

Plenty of travelers have been enchanted with the natural beauty of the country of Ecuador that is why they keep coming back. A lot of the real estate customers were past travelers who toured to Otavalo Ecuador wanting a break away from their preoccupied city lives and are now thinking of living in Otavalo Ecuador. Once they experience and see the wonders of this country, they choose to invest in a real estate property like a residence, a vacation home or even a retirement house or even just arable land for future development intention.

It all depends on what style of property you are attracted in and what will match your budget for living in Otavalo Ecuador. Ecuador is not just a holiday tourist destination. It is also a welcoming country for a long vacation or retirement. There are many regions in Ecuador to start with looking for that perfect place, and you can start with Otavalo Ecuador.

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