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Living in Playas Ecuador

Definitely one of the lovely places in the country, Playas is a real estate find to bear in mind for those who dream of living in Playas Ecuador. There are awesome houses and properties that will coincide with your idea of a vacation place. Quite many are thinking of Ecuador as their choice of vacation or retirement land for its natural appeal, clear environment, and warm culture.

Officially known as General Villamil, Playas is a town located in southwestern part of Guayas, Ecuador. Beaches and resorts can be found in the city hence the name, Playas. Its main economic source is tourism with countless and breathtaking attractions such as the Cerro del Muerto and the Virgen dela Roca. Another treat that one can't miss in this serene city is the "Empanadas de Playas". One of the most exclusive club and resort in Ecuador, Club Casablanca, can be found at the northwest part of the city which makes living in Playas Ecuador more enticing. The town has a small airport to easily accommodate tourist coming in and out of the city.

A good number of tourists have been charmed with the natural beauty of Ecuador that is why they do come back for more. A lot of the real estate shoppers were past travelers who took a trip to Playas Ecuador wanting an escape away from their busy urban lives. When they see and experience the marvels of this country, they decide to invest in a real estate property like a permanent residence, vacation home or to fulfill a wish of living in Playas Ecuador.

It just depends on what style of property you are attracted in and what will suit your budget for living in Playas Ecuador. Ecuador is not just a holiday tourist destination. It is also a welcoming country for a long vacation or retirement. There are plenty of regions in Ecuador to start with looking for that dream place, and you can start with Playas Ecuador.

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