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If you're considering taking up work in Ecuador it's good to know that a work visa is very easy for foreigners to obtain. There is a preference for foreign personnel that demonstrate different abilities that the usual ones found in the country like languages or a specialization in certain fields.

The situation of work in Ecuador has improved over the last few years. The arrival of the US dollar helped stabilize the economy and has allowed unemployment rates to go down.

Normally, those who work in Ecuador spend 8 hours in a day for a 5-day workweek. But the working hours can vary depending on the type of job, especially in those that deal with nocturnal diversion and commercial centers where the hours are longer or on weekends. Hourly wage is very uncommon here but the employers usually pay their workers on a bimonthly or monthly basis.

The common jobs in demand for foreign workers are language teachers, work in NGOs, sports instructor, and language translators. It will be advantageous to the prospective workers if he/she has internationally recognized certifications or license. Teaching jobs are the most in demand job for foreign workers especially if they’re fluent in English and various languages. And it pays a decent salary of about $350-500 a month.

It is not difficult to look for an available work in Ecuador. One can look in the local papers' classified section, which has job announcements every day, especially on Sunday. Also you can visit cafes, restaurants, Internet cafes and other such places that have foreign clientele and offer your services. In language schools, travel agencies and gyms, you can ask if there are any vacancies that need to be filled.

On working in Ecuador, make sure that everything is legal – from your work permit to your employment contract. And if necessary, ask for references about the company from the Ecuadorians you know. Even some government offices are sure to lend you their helping hands about working and living in Ecuador. They will also entertain queries about Ecuador real estate.


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